Environmental Management System (EMS) Committee

Limestone University is committed to providing healthy and safe facilities for its  students, employees, and visitors, minimizing its impacts on the environment, and maintaining compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulatory requirements, agreements, and permits.  Limestone University has implemented an environmental management system (EMS) based on the ISO 14001 standard as a way of demonstrating environmental leadership, commitment to continuous improvement and environmental responsibility to all stakeholders.

The EMS Committee consists of senior faculty and senior administrators and is responsible for setting environmental policies and overseeing the implantation of the EMS and all laboratory safety matters.  EMS goals and objectives are established annually by the EMS Committee.  The Committee reviews progress toward these goals no less often than once a year and records its results in a written report.

The EMS Director (Vice President for Financial Affairs) chairs the EMS Committee and has as his/her first responsibility establishing, operating and maintaining the EMS.  The EMS Director ensures that the resources (e.g., budget and personnel time) required for implementing and controlling the EMS are provided.  The EMS Director reports directly to the President.

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