Membership: The Global Experiences Committee will consist of sixteen individuals.

  • Twelve full-time faculty members that will lead trips in the future.  Every effort should be made to have equal representation amongst the three colleges.
  • One representative from the registrar
  • One representative from the comptroller/business office
  • One representative from admissions
  • One representative from student affairs

Faculty holding visiting or adjunct appointments are not eligible to serve on the Global Experiences Committee.

Terms of Office: Faculty members shall serve staggered three-year term

Duties: The Global Experiences Committee is charged with the following duties:

  1. To promote global travel experiences across curriculum by offering multiple trips per academic year,
  2. To formulate, review, and update university procedures and policies in regards to global travel,
  3. To collaborate with Admissions, Alumni and Development, and Communications for recruiting and retention,
  4. To coordinate all university sponsored trips by establishing priorities and assuring that the quality and safety standards of the university are carried out,
  5. To recommend general education integration,
  6. To educate new faculty to the possibilities of travel for the liberal arts or professional curriculum,
  7. To maintain course standards for accreditation and integration with the corresponding SLO,
  8. To review and update travel vendors,
  9. To advise budgets for the dispersing between trips,
  10. To collect assessment data for the corresponding SLO for WEAVE
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