Provost - Chief Academic Officer

The Provost is the university's chief academic officer who is responsible, under the direction of the President, for setting the academic priorities of the institution and the allocation of resources to support them.  The Provost ensures the recruitment, hiring and retaining of quality faculty, academic support staff, and student life staff members to support the institutional mission.

The following individuals report directly to the Provost:

  • Special Assistant to the Provost
  • Dean, College of Business
  • Dean, College of Education and Health Professions
  • Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Science
  • Dean, Honors College
  • Associate Provost, Student Success
  • Associate Provost, Online and Graduate Programs
  • Registrar
  • Director of the Library
  • Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Director of the Health Center
  • Academic Affairs Coordinator
  • Chaplain and Director of Christian Education and Leadership

At Limestone University, the Provost is also the SACSCOC Liaison and is designated as the individual responsible for ensuring compliance with their Substantive Change policy.   At the beginning of each academic year, Cabinet members, Deans, and Department Chairs receive current copies of this policy, and each individual is charged with the responsibility of informing the Provost's Office when any action is being considered that might be a substantive change.

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