All Limestone University-related material and documents for public and on-campus consumption must be approved by the Department of Communications & Marketing, which is responsible for the University's overall communications, marketing, public relations, messaging, and branding activity.

Brochures, advertisements, event programs, etc., are materials subject to approval. Please leave enough time between item preparation and designated distribution date to allow approval of the material.   

  1. Any one-page document needing approval should be submitted via email to the Department of Communications & Marketing.
  2. Projects with multiple pages that need approval will be delivered to the   Department of Communications & Marketing via hard-copy format.
  3. Online submission forms from the Department of Communications & Marketing are available on the Limestone website for those seeking press releases, creative services, photo assistance, and website changes/updates. The Department of Communications & Marketing makes every possible effort to support all areas of the University. However, in order to promote the overall mission and goals of Limestone, there may be occasions where the department will have to prioritize requests and occasionally turn down some requests due to the time and resources available.
  4. All Limestone-related communications with the news media, with the exception of Athletics, must go through the Department of Communication & Marketing Department, with the exception of Athletics communications with the news media, which must go through the Sports Information Office. Only the Department of Communications & Marketing can provide Limestone University press releases and other information to the news media.
  5. Athletics materials from coaches (such as camp brochures) will be approved by the office of the Assistant Athletics Director for External Operations.
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