Those eligible to serve on committees are:

  1. faculty members, as defined under “Faculty” in this governance document.  Except for ex officio members, each faculty member may serve on no more than two standing committees or chair more than one standing committee each year.  Faculty members who serve in an ex officio capacity on a committee are ineligible to be elected to that committee.
  2. students may serve and vote on committees where specified but are not eligible to serve as an officer.

Subcommittees must be chaired by a member from the parent committee.  Faculty, students, or administrators who hold administrative offices relevant to the work of the subcommittee may be assigned by the parent committee to serve as additional members.  Members of the subcommittee who are not members of the parent committee have full voting rights in the deliberations of the subcommittee but not in the parent committee.

In cases of leaves of absence, sabbaticals, extended illness, or failure to carry out the duties of a committee position, the Coordinating Committee may select a substitute member to serve until the next regular election or until the regular member is able to resume his/her duties.  Any faculty member who serves at least eight months of any academic year on a committee is considered to have served a full term when determining eligibility for subsequent service on that committee.

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