The following procedures govern the selection process of committee members:

  1. The Coordinating Committee shall function as the nominating committee for all committee memberships, except its own.  It shall propose one nominee for each position.  No faculty member may be elected to more than two committees.  Nominations from the floor for each position are in order at the time each nomination is presented at the faculty meeting.
  2. Elections shall be completed for each committee before elections for the succeeding committee begins.
  3. Those receiving the most votes in initial elections will serve the longest terms.  Thereafter, all members are normally elected to full terms.
  4. Ordinarily no faculty member may serve more than two full consecutive terms on any committee.  Exceptions to this policy are faculty who serve on a committee as the result of their administrative role, for example, deans, director of teacher education, etc.
  5. The Provost shall have the authority to grant an exemption from committee responsibilities for an individual in any particular year upon appeal by that individual.
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