Renting University Facilities

The priority of use of University facilities is:

  1. Activities which satisfy academic requirements for both degree and nondegree seeking students.
  2. Scheduled student activities for all enrolled students and student organizations.
  3. Scheduled departmental sponsored activities to which students and the general public are invited.
  4. Scheduled employee activities sponsored by University departments.
  5. Scheduled activities contracted by external organizations and/or initiated by the University.
  6. Unscheduled student activities.
  7. Unscheduled employee activities.
  8. Unscheduled external organization activities

To rent a University facility or reserve its use on a cost free basis, it is necessary for the person who is requesting use of the facility to complete and submit an “Application to Schedule Facilities Form” at least two week before the date of requested use. The form may be obtained from the University Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs who serves as the coordinator of University facilities use to avoid overbooking of University facilities. The application is first approved by the Vice President for Finance, Operations, & Administration. Then the form is sent to all University departments who may have to support the event and to inform the University community of the scheduled event to make certain that the facility being reserved is available for use at the date and time requested. It is mandatory that all requests to use University facilities for nonacademic purposes be submitted to the Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs so the event/facility can be placed on a master schedule of events in order to avoid overbooking,

University Facilities Coordinating Responsibilities

  • The University Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs is the “booking agent” for all facilities when facilities are used for nonacademic purposes by anyone.
  • The Associate Provost of Student Success controls the use of residence halls and student center.
  • The Registrar allocates classroom space to implement the Day and Evening academic programs as required by the Provost. The registrar also must approve the use of classroom spaces for other purposes when these facilities are not being used to implement the academic programs.
  • The Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics coordinates the use of the Timken Gymnasium, Walt Griffin Physical Education Center, swimming pool, tennis courts, baseball field, softball field, Emmie Rector Tennis Pavilion, Limestone Center Hall of Fame Room and Media Relations Room, and all other athletic fields.
  • The Vice President for Institutional Advancement coordinates the use of the formal parlors in the Curtis Administration Building.
  • The University librarian coordinates the use of the library conference room.
  • The food service director coordinates the use of the private dining room, banquet room, and the main dining area of the Stephenson Center.
  • The University chaplain coordinates the use of the Camp-Swofford Chapel.
  • A designated music department faculty member coordinates the use of Fullerton Auditorium.
  • The Vice President for Finance, Operations, & Administration coordinates the use of all facilities which generate auxiliary enterprise revenue in cooperation with the foregoing University administrative support staff employees. He or she also establishes financial records relating to the use of University facilities, establishes annual facility use revenue goals with the President, and seeks to market University facilities to outside parties throughout the year.

Accommodations for Guests

Various people are responsible for arranging accommodations, meetings, and hosting guests:

Guest(s) Coordinator Prospective students/Parents Vice President for Enrollment Services Prospective employees  Potential supervisor Visiting athletic teams  Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics

Limestone Students (when residence halls are closed or in special situations)

Associate Provost of Student Success Consultants/speakers Sponsoring department Friends of the University Sponsoring department Alumni

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

It is University policy to provide prospective students who visit the campus with complimentary food and lodging. Parents or guardians who accompany prospective students are charged normal fees for meals. Similarly, members of the Board of Trustees, alumni, and other guests of the University who are on campus in a working capacity are provided with complimentary food and lodging as required. Costs for these particular services are charged to the appropriate budgets for accounting purposes.

Employees of the University who are using University facilities to provide food and lodging for their personal guests are charged normal fees.


Fixed rates are charged for certain facilities such as the residence halls. Other facilities have been assigned variable rates based upon the size of the group, the group’s composition, and the services requested. In the latter case, the Vice President for Financial Affairs will determine the exact fee which has been approved by the President.

The faculty and staff are urged to encourage outside groups to use our excellent, reasonably priced facilities, particularly between one week after May graduation and one week before the start of the fall semester. Please see the Vice President for Financial Affairs for more details about all items pertaining to use of University facilities.

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