Each employee has an important job to perform. Employee presence is essential to the overall functioning of the University's educational mission. Therefore, it is necessary to have a uniform attendance and tardiness policy:

  1. All employees are expected to work normally scheduled hours appropriate to the department to which assigned.
  2. An absence is a failure of an employee to report to work during normally scheduled working hours.
  3. An excused absence occurs when an employee notifies the supervisor in advance and obtains permission to be absent. An unexcused absence occurs when an employee fails to notify the supervisor prior to the beginning of working hours and fails to be present for work as scheduled.
  4. In the case of unexcused absences, supervisors will counsel the employee about the necessity of being present for work upon each occurrence; four unexcused absences within a twelve (12) month period will be cause of termination of employment.
  5. Tardiness is defined as being late for the scheduled work without an acceptable reason. Chronic and repeated tardiness without acceptable reasons will be subject to written reprimand and possible termination of employment.
  6. Each administrator will maintain attendance records on employees by approving or denying time off requests using the on-line payroll system.
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