The University prepares an annual human resources staffing plan to meet the needs of the University as part of the overall operating budget planning and revision process. The University is firmly committed to selecting and employing the best and most qualified persons for available positions without discrimination of any kind. Toward this end, employment opportunity notices are published within the University community and classified advertisements are placed in surrounding newspapers.

The University is dedicated to equal opportunity through affirmative action within the University community. Limestone’s Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is designed to provide equal consideration of all applicants for faculty and staff positions, for all faculty members in the tenure and promotion process, for administrators and staff seeking promotions and advancement, as well as for students seeking admission, financial aid, and equality in academic and athletic programs. A copy of Limestone University’s Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is available in all departments and offices, as well as on reserve in the Eastwood Library. The Action/Equal Opportunity Policy in this handbook contains the complete Affirmative statement.

Employees are classified as “salaried” (exempt) or “hourly” (nonexempt) for salary and wage administration purposes.

If applicable, all staff employees receive a salary increase letter from the President annually, stating the current salary or hourly pay rate and the new salary or hourly pay rate. Upon hire, all staff employees receive an offer letter stating the position, salary or hourly rate, and position description.

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