Class Schedules and Procedures

Class Schedules

Class schedules are prepared on a two-year rotation. Course offerings for each semester are presented to the registrar through respective Department Chairpersons and the Director of Distance Learning. Schedules are due as announced by the Registrar. The Registrar will then submit all offerings to the Provost who will confer with the chairpersons before rendering final approval.

Class Attendance

All students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered and to be on time for each meeting.

The instructor is responsible for checking attendance at each class meeting beginning with the first day of classes and for recording each student’s absences. Instructors will explain attendance regulations at the first meeting of each class and will include them in their written syllabus.

The student is responsible for knowing his/her attendance record in each of his/her classes.

When a student’s absences exceed twenty percent (20%) of the total number of scheduled class periods in the semester or session, the student may be assigned a grade of F at the end of the class.

Faculty will report excessive absences to the Provost and to the student as soon as possible. Only the Provost will have the power to make exceptions to class attendance regulations.

Class Periods

The Provost must approve any changes in class meeting times. If the faculty member has not arrived within fifteen (15) minutes of the specified starting time, the class will be considered canceled.

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