Disruptive Student Conduct in the Classroom or other Learning Environment

The goal of this policy is to help faculty and administrators more fairly and safely address incidents of classroom disruption. Faculty members are responsible for managing the classroom environment. Faculty should exercise their best judgment in setting standards of conduct for their courses and take a reasonable approach in responding to classroom disruptions. Faculty are required to keep documentation and thorough details of disruptive incidents. Faculty members determine what constitutes disruptive behavior in the courses they teach.

  • What is considered disruptive behavior? Any behavior that interferes with the instructor’s ability to conduct class or the students’ ability to benefit from the learning environment. Students having emotional or mental disorders who may be considered disabled and who are protected under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are expected to follow the same standards of conduct as any student.
  • Procedures for disruptive behavior
    1. The instructor will “warn” the student that his/her behavior is disruptive and that it must cease immediately.
    2. If the student fails to comply with the warning, the instructor may require the student to immediately leave the classroom. Refusal to leave the classroom may result in the notification of local authorities, Limestone University Public Safety or as appropriate “911.
    3. Based on the nature of disruptive behavior any student removed from the classroom may face disciplinary action.
    4. If the instructor allows the student to return to the class and continue, then the incident is considered resolved.
    5. If the instructor does not permit the student to return to class, the instructor must submit in writing a detailed description of the disruptive incident to the appropriate Dean within 24 hours of informing the student he/she may not return to class. The Dean will review the incident and he/she will determine the appropriate course of action. Possible sanctions: Written Warning, Probation, Suspension, or Expulsion.
    6. The Dean will notify the student of the action taken in writing within two working days after receiving the faculty incident report.
  • Student Appeal
    1. A student has the right to appeal an action taken by the Dean.
    2. The student must appeal in writing within two working days of the notification from the Dean regarding any University decision related to the disruptive behavior. The student’s appeal must include the student’s version of the incident and the reason(s) the student disagrees with the decision.
    3. The student appeal will be reviewed at the administrative level by the Provost, and/or University President. The President’s decision shall be final and will be completed within five working days following the student’s written appeal.
    4. The student will be notified in writing by the President’s office of the University’s final decision.
    5. Students removed from a course for disruptive behavior will receive a grade of F. The student will be responsible for any loss of financial aid.
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