Limestone courses are graded on a four-point scale given below.

Undergraduate Grading System:

Letter Grade: Achievement Level: Grade Points: A excellent achievement 4 B high achievement 3 C moderate achievement 2 D minimal achievement 1 S satisfactory None P passing None F failing 0 WP withdrew passing   WF withdrew failing   U unsatisfactory   I incomplete   IP work in progress  

Pass/Fail Courses – A pass/fail grade may be used in courses approved by the Curriculum Committee. Courses numbered 100 and above will carry academic credit. For further information on academic procedures, see the current Academic Catalog.

Graduate Grading System:


Letter Grade: Grade Points: A 4 A- 3.6 B+ 3.3 B 3 B- 2.6 C+ 2.3 C 2 F 0

Final Examinations

Final examinations must be scheduled in the final exam period at the end of each semester. If a student misses a final examination because of an unavoidable conflict, the instructor will arrange a time when the student may take a special final exam. A student with three examinations in a single day is entitled to reschedule one of them. No extracurricular activities are scheduled during examination week with the exception of athletic events scheduled by the NCAA, Southern Athletic Conference (SAC), or events approved by the Provost. In the case of approved events that conflict with final examinations, students are responsible for making prior arrangements with the instructor.

Grade Reports

Semester grades are due within forty-eight (48) hours after completion of each examination. Final grades are posted and submitted on the LU Portal by each faculty member.

The Evening and Online Program faculty will submit grade reports no later than three working days after the end of a course.

Students having unsatisfied obligations with the University will have grade reports and/or transcripts withheld until these obligations are settled.

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