The contents of this handbook are presented as guidelines for some of limestone university’s current policies, practices, rules, benefits, and procedures, the handbook and all its contents supersede, replace and make null and void all previously issued, communicated or distributed handbooks, manuals, policies, rules, practices, benefits, or procedures.  This handook and these policies, rules, benefits, practices or procedures are not contracts, and may be changed, amended, modified or discontinued with or without notice by the university when it, in its discretion, deems it necessary.  This handbook does not create nor shall it be deemed to create a contract, either express or implied, between the university and any employee.  Nothing in this handbook binds the university or any employee to a specific or definite period of employment or to any specific policies, procedures, benefits, guidelines, working conditions, or privileges of employment.  As an employee, you are an at-will employee completely free to leave the university at any time you choose, and the university has the same right to end the employment relationship based on policies set within this handbook.

Staff Members Only:

No member of management, except the president, has the authority to bind the university to any employment contract for any specified period of time with any staff member.  Employment between the university and a staff member must be in writing, signed by both the employee and the president, and be entitled “employment agreement.”

Faculty Members Only:

Probationary faculty are at-will employees except that they enjoy appeal rights as are set forth in the policy titled “termiination” under the faculty employment policies section of this handbook, as it may be amended from time to time. 

Non-tenured, non-probationary faculty are at-will employees except that they enjoy the provisions established by the Termination section (#3) of this handbook, as it may be amended from time to time. 

Tenured faculty are governed by many of the provisions of this handbook with the exception that they enjoy continuous employment within the terms of the Termination section (#4) of this handbook, notwithstanding any provision contained elsewhere in this disclaimer or any other university document.  All faculty members are subject to the provisions of the Termination section (#5, and 6).


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