All employee benefits, other than those required by law, are discretionary in nature. The University may add to, delete from, modify, or eliminate these benefits in its discretion. The terms of the applicable benefit plans take precedence over any language contained in this handbook or any other summary.

Full-time employees who may work less than 20 hours per week on a permanent basis are not eligible to participate in employee benefit programs. Part-time employees are not eligible to participate in employee benefit programs regardless of hours worked per week on a periodic basis.

The University offers employee benefits by participating in a Section 125 Plan to fund such benefits as group health and dental insurance, and life insurance on a pretax, salary reduction basis. The University also offers a retirement program by participating in a wide variety of programs offered by the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association/University Retirement Equities Fund *(TIAA) on a pretax, salary reduction basis. Other benefits are offered on an after tax or tuition discount basis. The University abides by applicable federal and state regulations in administering the benefits programs. In addition, employees are eligible to receive services from the University Health Center, The Sib Collins Counseling Center, and Career Services.

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