Performance Appraisal (Administrative Officers/Administrative Staff/Support Staff)


The overall objectives of the Limestone staff employee performance appraisal evaluation program are to measure, maintain, and improve job performance. The program attempts to:

  • Provide a framework of goals and standards from which to measure performance.
  • Serve as a tool to determine salary increases based upon an employee’s contribution to the University.
  • Develop action and training plans to correct performance problems and establish goals for the next time period.
  • Identify employees who should be promoted and given greater responsibility.
  • Act as a forum for individual career development issues.
  • Assure a formal time and place for all of these events to occur.

Annual Performance Appraisal Policy

Administrative department heads have primary responsibility for evaluating overall employee performance on an annual basis for those staff employees who are assigned to their department. Annual performance appraisals shall be conducted and submitted to the appropriate Vice President no later than March 15 each year. The period of the appraisal shall be for the preceding twelve months or any portion thereof on the case of employees who have not been employed for the entire period. Vice Presidents of the University will review department heads’ submissions and submit a like appraisal of those department heads who report to them as designated in the University’s Organizational Chart. The President will evaluate each of the Vice Presidents in a similar fashion. Annual performance appraisal evaluation shall be made a permanent part of each employee’s personnel record.

The annual appraisal shall consist of a written evaluation and a personal discussion with the employee. The department head must carefully consider statements on the written evaluation and prepare thoroughly for the personal discussion. Each employee shall have the right to examine the written documents and has the prerogative to challenge what are considered to be inaccurate statements. Each employee shall be advised well in advance of an appointment for the appraisal in order to prepare for the meeting.

Department heads have the prerogative of submitting special performance evaluation reports in the case of outstanding or unsatisfactory employee performance at any time during the time between scheduled annual reviews.

Performance appraisal forms may be obtained from the Director of Human Resources.

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