Graduate Assistant Tuition Remission Program

Graduate Assistants are eligible for up to 6 credits of tuition remission in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The tuition remission to GAs does not cover any additional hours or fees. If a GA decides to enroll in more than 6 credit hours in a semester it will be the responsibility of the GA to cover the difference. GAs that are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship, may receive the scholarship in conjunction with their GA tuition remission, not to exceed tuition.  If the combined aid exceeds tuition, one or more sources will be reduced as no refunds of institutional aid is permitted under any circumstances.

If a Graduate Assistants appointment is terminated in the middle of a term, the tuition for that class will be prorated for the weeks worked as a graduate assistant. The GA will then be responsible for the remaining tuition for that class.

Please reference the Graduate Assistant Policy Manual to review all GA policies.

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