Contracts and Notification Dates

The basic contract for tenure-track faculty is either for nine (9) or twelve (12) months of service; however, faculty members will be paid in twelve (12) monthly installments.  The annual contract between the faculty member and the University is considered legally binding on both parties.  

The basic contract for non-tenure-track full-time faculty is for either nine (9) or twelve (12) months of service; however, all lecturers will be paid in twelve (12) monthly installments.

All full-time faculty members will receive contracts for the next academic year by May 1 of the previous year.  This notification will include the faculty member’s rank and salary.  Each faculty member has two weeks to accept the contract or reject the contract in writing.  If the contract is not returned to the Office of Human Resources' office within a two-week period, it is understood that the faculty member is not planning on returning for the next academic year.  To protect both the institution and the faculty member, the contract will specify any and all special circumstances of employment.

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