Members of the Limestone faculty may be designated as “Honors College Faculty” after undergoing specialized training in an academic year. Such training will consist of a half-day in-person workshop in the fall. Active participation continuing through the remainder of the year on Canvas, culminating in a presentation in April. Each cohort is limited to no more than six full-time faculty members per year on a first-come first-served basis. The training will center on the principle that Honors courses should be qualitatively different than non-honors courses - in other words, they should be more challenging and demanding not by simply assigning more work, but by mining more educational value from the work that is assigned.

Honors College faculty will be notated in the Limestone University Honors webpage and are entitled to additional financial compensation after teaching an Honors course. With the approval of the Provost, Honors College faculty members may also be allowed to team teach while earning 3.0 hours towards the semester credit load. Honors faculty status is valid for four academic years after receiving training. To retain this status, re-training is required in the fourth year after initial certification.

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