Program Coordinators

Academic Program Coordinators provide specific academic expertise to plan, organize, coordinate, evaluate and participate in an academic program.  Faculty assigned to this position manage the overall program including curriculum development, implementation, assessment, and outreach.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Evaluate program(s) and make recommendations for change as needed.
  2. Prepare and/or develop program/course materials and distribute to appropriate parties.
  3. Prepare and maintain mandatory program documentation and records.
  4. Collaborate with department, colleges, and other faculty members regarding the academic program.
  5. Conduct appropriate, program-level (and general education, if applicable) academic assessments and record results and summaries in WEAVE, as described in WEAVE Instructions.
  6. If applicable, ensure that programmatic accreditation standards are met. Prepare and maintain mandatory program documentation that support programmatic accreditation.
  7. Provide ongoing communication with the Department Chair regarding course offerings, adjunct faculty, advisees, etc.
  8. Appoint faculty members, where appropriate, to serve as Course Coordinators responsible for preparing master syllabi and master courses in the approved LMS.
  9. Maintain list of Course Coordinators and coordinate the textbook ordering process for major-related courses within their academic programs or service areas.
  10. Assist the Department Chair with performing teaching evaluations of faculty members in the program. 
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