The Role of the Provost in Faculty Governance

As the chief academic officer of the University, the Provost has broad responsibilities for the effective operation of the academic program.  The Provost should provide leadership for the teaching faculty and the academic staff toward the goals and objectives of the University, maintain a University-wide perspective, seek cooperative functioning of all the various academic units, be an advocate for the highest possible quality in the academic program, and for the faculty, represent the views of the faculty in meetings of the Board of Trustees, and represent administrative views in faculty meetings.

  1. Responsibility: The Provost will supervise the faculty, deans of schools, and department chairpersons, and all who administer programs which support the overall academic program, including the librarian, and the registrar.
  2. Evaluation of Faculty: The Provost shares with the Faculty Development Committee the responsibility to maintain a fair and effective evaluation system.  He/she will assure operation of the evaluation process and will provide administrative support for the system.  Particularly, he/she will maintain in his/her office the University’s official personnel file for each faculty member.
  3. Faculty Development Committee: The Provost has responsibility to cooperate with the Faculty Development Committee, but will have the separate responsibility to assess information and make personnel recommendations to the President.
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