Membership: The Curriculum Committee shall consist of ten faculty members with one faculty member from each academic department. The registrar, the director of the Library, the director of teacher education, and Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness shall be ex-officio members.

Terms of Office: Faculty members shall serve for staggered three-year terms.

Duties: The Curriculum Committee is charged with the following duties:

  1. To assist the University’s academic administration in long-term planning related to the curricular content of the academic program and the educational objectives of the University and to make recommendations to the whole faculty or to faculty committees.
  2. To evaluate and initiate recommendations concerning requirements, majors, programs, and all courses of the University.
  3. To review the academic offerings (courses and programs) of the Honors College, the operations of the Library, and the quality of online education.
  4. Review the operation of the University’s admissions policies and scholarship programs

New Programs:

  1. New academic programs may emanate from the students, faculty, administration, or trustees in an effort to maintain maximum viability in the academic pursuits of the University.  Any revisions or additions to the current academic program approved by the faculty are presented first to the Provost and then to the President for approval. 
  2. A case statement must accompany each proposed program indicating potential enrollment, sources for enrollment, career options available, qualified staffing, and appropriate funding.  All of these issues must be addressed and appropriately answered prior to the implementation of any new academic program.
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