General Education Assessment Committee

General Education Assessment Committee consists of faculty members representing each of the three academic colleges, two faculty members selected at large, with at least two faculty members who have teaching experience in the Online Programs.  (The two faculty members with online experience may be members selected from the colleges and at large or they may be additional members of the committee.)  The Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness will be an ex-officio voting member of the committee.  Members shall serve three-year terms. Members may serve more than one term.

Goal: To maintain a successful, faculty-driven and faculty-assessed General Education program.

Duties: The GEAC Committee is charged with the following duties:

  • to coordinate SLO data collection and analysis with the respective departments;
  • to collect the data for each SLO and enter the summary on WEAVE (by the end of May);
  • to provide feedback for each SLO to the respective departments (at the end of the fall semester of the following academic year);
  • to review proposed changes in courses for the General Ed program and forwarda recommendation on the proposal to Curriculum Committee.
  • to approve requested assessment changes for the General Ed program.
  • to review/make recommendations for the General Education assessment plans for each SLO.
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