Faculty Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics

Membership: The Faculty Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics shall consist of five full-time faculty members elected by the faculty including at least one elected member from each college of the University.  The member(s) elected from the same college as the Faculty Athletic Representative shall represent a different program area from the FAR.  The Faculty Athletic Representative shall be an ex officio voting member and shall chair the Committee.  The director of athletics shall be an ex officio voting member of the Committee.  There shall be two student members, one male student-athlete, and one female student-athlete, elected each year by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.  The student members shall be ex-officio voting members.  The Academic Compliance Officer and the Senior Women’s Administrator shall be ex-officio, non-voting members.

Terms of Office: Elected faculty members shall serve staggered three-year terms.  Student members shall serve one-year terms.

Duties: The Faculty Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics is charged with the following duties:

  1. to meet on a regular schedule for the purpose of discussing both the general state of affairs in the Athletic Program and any specific issues and concerns raised by the faculty of the University, by student athletes and/or by the Department of Athletics. In addition to its regular meetings, the Committee may meet at the request of any member to the committee chair.  By majority vote of the Committee, it may choose to meet in executive session, that is, with only its members holding faculty status present.
  2. to review and approve the schedules of all athletic teams,
  3. to be particularly concerned with those issues related to the welfare of student-athletes, to the academic integrity of the University as it is affected by athletics and to the monitoring of the Athletic Program’s compliance with the standards of the University, of the NCAA and of other governing conferences,
  4. to be an advisory body and make reports and recommendations when necessary to the Coordinating Committee, to the director of athletics, to the President of the University, to the Provost and to the faculty-at-large.
  5. to participate in the formulation and review of policies related to intercollegiate athletics.
  6. to hear appeals from student athletes which involve expulsion from a team and/or revocation of athletic grants-in-aid and to make recommendations to the director of athletics and to the President concerning those appeals.
  7. to spot check athletic eligibility and athletics financial aid limits on a  regular basis to ensure compliance with NCAA guidelines.
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