Achieving Writing Excellence (AWE) Committee

Elected members shall include at least one member from each college; when possible elected members should have participated in the AWE Core Faculty. In its membership, the Committee shall include at least one member with experience teaching in the Online Program and at least one member with experience teaching in the Evening Program. Ex-Officio members shall include the Writing Center Director and the AWE Core Faculty Development facilitator(s).

Terms of Office: Faculty members shall serve three-year staggered terms.  Members may serve more than one term.

Duties: The AWE Committee is charged with the following duties:

  1. to oversee the faculty training and development for the AWE Program.
  2. to approve Writing Intensive Courses.
  3. to support and advise the AWE Director and Co-director.
  4. to promote the AWE Program and to celebrate and recognize good writing and the teaching of writing.

Procedure: Faculty representatives will be nominated in March by the AWE committee and submitted to the Coordinating Committee for the April meeting.

Meeting: Regular monthly meetings with additional meetings as needed.

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