Membership: The ADA shall consist of the Director for Human Resources, the Director for Accessibility, the Vice President for Finance, Operations, & Administration (Chair), the Director of the Physical Plant/Environmental Safety Officer, the Director of Residential Life and Housing, Director of IT, Associate Provost of Student Success, and The Director of Community Values. 


  1. Review potential barriers to equal access to the programs, services, and activities of Limestone University and recommend solutions
  2. Develop appropriate timelines and review University programs, services, activities, policies and facilities regularly for ADA/Section 504 compliance and accessibility
  3. Prepare an annual prioritization of projects and review progress made in the past year on resolving access barriers
  4. Review cases where accommodations or modifications are likely to result in a fundamental alteration of a course, or impose an undue burden on the institution
  5. Support staff and faculty knowledge and awareness of ADA/Section 504 legal requirements and issues in higher education
  6. Review potential barriers to equal access and will recommend solutions
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