Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee

The Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee serves to review and advise on current, future, and  potential University benefits, to include but not be limited to the University’s health care, retirement and insurance plans, and to investigate the feasibility of additional benefits as may occur to the committee or be suggested to the committee. The committee shall make any recommended changes in or additions to these benefits to the President’s Cabinet.

Membership: Committee membership will include the Director of Human Resources, a representative from the business office appointed by the Vice President for Finance, Operations, and Administration, two faculty members appointed by the Coordinating Committee, and two staff members appointed by the President’s Cabinet.  Two faculty members will be selected from two different schools, and two staff members from two diverse areas of the University, excluding the business office.  All members shall have one vote in making benefit recommendations to the President’s Cabinet. Officers: The committee will select a chair, vice-chair and secretary at its first meeting at the start of each academic year.

Terms of Office: Appointed members to the committee shall serve two-year terms.  In the initial appointment of members, one staff member and one faculty member will be appointed to a one-year term so as to stagger future appointments and to provide continuity in the committee’s membership.   

Reporting: The committee will report to faculty and staff at least once per year.

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