Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Committee

Limestone University is committed to providing healthy and safe facilities for its students, employees, and visitors, minimizing its impacts on the environment, and maintaining compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulatory requirements, agreements, and permits.

The EHS Committee consists of the VP for Finance & Administration, the Provost, as well as representatives from the following areas: Athletics, Facilities, Fine & Performing Arts, Health Services, Human Resources, Science & Mathematics, & Student Success.

The mission of the EHS Committee is to provide leadership, coordination, and advocacy for policies, programs, procedures, training, and strategic plans for reducing the biological, chemical, & physical risks posed by university activities to the environment as well as to the health and safety of all individuals on campus or engaged in university-sponsored events off campus.   The committee meets on a quarterly basis to address the following:

  • Incidents, corrective actions, and continual improvement
  • Program monitoring & audit results
  • Adequacy of resources for maintaining effective EHS programs
  • Actions when objectives have not been met
  • Forward appropriate recommendations to the President
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