IT Strategy Committee

The Information Technology Strategy committee provides direct oversight of the campus IT advisory structure for Limestone University, and supports Limestone’s teaching, research, and service missions by reviewing and evaluating strategies, plans, policies, and investments, regarding the use of information technology (IT), and making recommendations for action.


The members of the IT Strategy shall consist of the Director of Information Technology (Chair), the Provost, the Vice President for Finance, Operations, & Administration, a full-time faculty member from the Computer Science Department, an additional full-time faculty member, the Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, the Associate Provost of Student Success, and the Director of the Library.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Understanding the critical IT needs for faculty, researchers, students and staff
  2. Reviewing key developments in information technology for potential impacts  to, and adoption by, Limestone University
  3. Appraising the breadth and scope of Limestone’s IT portfolio to prioritize reallocations and/or investments in new capabilities to support the University’s core missions, to facilitate broad understanding of and reduce duplication in the portfolio, and to identify potential for efficiencies and cost savings in Limestone’s business operations
  4. Providing guidance to the campus on a variety of IT-related issues
  5. Determining the criteria for issues that will be considered by the IT Advisory Council, and revisiting these on an annual basis
  6. Making recommendations to the Finance Committee about financial/budget issues, and the Operations Committee for policy and other issues
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