Membership: The MBA Committee shall consist of five faculty and staff positions including: MBA Director and four approved MBA faculty members. The Provost in consultation with the Director of the MBA Program and Dean of the College of Business appoints the members of the MBA Committee.

Terms of Office: MBA Director is a permanent member. Faculty members shall serve one-year terms (faculty members can serve multiple terms).

Duties: The MBA Committee is charged with the following duties:

  1. Review and make recommendations concerning admissions and readmissions applications, recruiting and marketing for the MBA program
  2. Evaluate and initiate recommendations concerning program requirements, curriculum, policies, and program logistics for the MBA program
  3. Review the operations of the MBA program and make recommendations for improvement
  4. Review and approve proposals concerning the MBA program
  5. Assist the MBA Director with implementing approved changes

Procedures: All proposals must be approved through the MBA Committee and then forwarded to the appropriate department for approval. The MBA Committee will meet on an as needed basis but no fewer than two times a semester. Admissions and Readmissions applications can be reviewed and approved via electronic voting methods.

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