Termination of Employment for Misconduct and/or Making False Statements

This policy is applicable to all employees of the University.

Termination policies, other than those required by law, are discretionary in nature. The University may add to, delete from modify, or eliminate these policies in its discretion.

Most employees of Limestone University are at-will employees. Certain faculty members may have their employment status taken outside of at-will status pursuant to the methods described in the Disclaimer. All other employees serve at the pleasure of the University. Among those reasons which might lead to termination of employment are the following:

  1. Falsification on an Employment Application may result in immediate dismissal from the University.
  2. Any employee who provides the University with a false statement regarding work related issues may result in immediate dismissal from the University.
  3. Employees who assist students in cheating or plagiarism may find their employment with the University terminated.
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